Lena's Very First Weekend in Five Pictures

Hey hey! While I’m filling in for Falen during her maternity leave, I’ll be showing you my weekend in 5 photos, too! Here’s what happened:

My sister and I went to the James J. Hill house (I’d never been!) and I immediately fell in love with this portrait of the family. We think of old photos as being uptight and stuffy, but the Hill daughters clearly had personalities that show in this! I just stood at the photo, trying to figure out what was going on in the head of the daughter who was looking over to her right. Maybe it’s just what the picture captured in a split second, or maybe it’s something else……

We had a great time and took this picture outside of the James J. Hill house. I never see a resemblance between Nicole and me, but other people say there’s one. Do you see any?

Saturday, I had about 20 minutes to take a quick nap before heading to the New Jersey Web Festival that night. I curled up on the couch and my cat Minerva immediately curled up behind my knee - her favorite spot - and fell back asleep with her tail as her pillow. Aren’t pets the best??

Last night, the awards gala for the New Jersey Web Festival went down and my two web series both won awards, which was such a crazy surprise! Here’s a pic of my producing partner Jon and I accepting the award for Best Comedic Ensemble for our show “Labeled." The evening was a total love fest, with everyone so passionate about creating something that means a lot to them and hoping that it resonates with other people, too. So many acceptance speeches were about people deciding to go for their dream instead of staying in the rut they felt they were in, and I definitely cried during several of those speeches. It’s worth taking those risks, you know?

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