I Was Watching "Grease" and Saw Something Freaking Incredible!

I was watching "A Very Brady Renovation" last night (my new obsession) and when it was over, I pushed the "Guide" button to see what else was on. "Grease" is always fun to watch and it came on right in the middle of the high school dance contest.

At the end of the dance, the music comes to an end and all the dancers run into the frame and freeze. But I never noticed the deejay of the dance somersaults into the frame and as soon as he lands, someone throws him a microphone and he freaking catches it! WOW! I had to wind it back to make sure that I really was seeing what I thought I was seeing! I probably watched it 20 times!

I realize it probably took 78 takes to get it right, but still, that's cool!

Here's the clip.

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