Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Electric Scooters and a Dog That Trolls

Dude! What a weekend. So much is going on and even though the Vikings got robbed it was a pretty good weekend.

Weekend started off with dinner at Hyvee for National Family Meal Month and of course an hour before we were supposed to head over my daughter got sick and had to miss but our neighbor Brody stepped in and we sill ended up having a blast. Dinner at Hyvee was awesome and we actually brought food home for my wife.

Another big thing at our house was Isaac has been saving money and hoarding gift cards so he could get a BIG GIFT. He somehow has enough money to either buy an electric scooter or the other option, he could borrow some money (which he would have to earn back)to buy a hover board. It was a tough choice, he actually made a pro and con list because when you're a kid these sort of decisions are MASSIVE. After a day of deliberation he was finally able to make a decision.

Louie the new puppy has been at our house for a week, good news, he’s pooped more outside then inside.... the bad news, he’s finding a lot to chew on including our rescue dog Murray who has a fluffy tail that Louie likes to grab onto so he can be pulled around the house. It’s hilarious!

Since Louie's only been with us for a week, Sunday was our first walk with the all three dogs. Thank God! We came back alive, I consider this a success.

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