Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/13 - 9/15

Friday night I worked at my serving job. Got home and slept for a solid 9 hours, my average is 4-5 hours a night so I woke up feeling good and accomplished a ton on Saturday. Hit a Basecamp class to start my day. This is what the mat looked like after I got done with abs. Yes, I sweat a lot.

My friend invited me to a going away party on a pirate ship in St Paul. I was very intrigued so I said yes. Probably one of the coolest things I've done in a while! Here's a link to rent it off AirBnB.

At night I ran off to my friend Mariam's birthday party. She had it at Cobble Social House in the North Loop. It's a newer spot and I love it!

And Sunday I of course watched the game. I'm not a Packers fan that likes to rub our wins in other people's faces. Both teams put in the work but luckily for me, the Packers came out with the W.

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