Learn How to Make a Coin Disappear!

We all had a challenge to post a video teaching something. I thought about doing one on how to make a fire or how to carve something out of wood, but I thought, "No one's going to sit there and actually watch then build a fire or carve a bird," so I did this instead.

It's pretty simple and with some practice, you'll have a trick that you can do anywhere, anytime for the rest of your life. Kids LOVE this trick and it's funny when I do it for kids and adults watching are like, "Whoa! Wait, how did you do that?"

Magic might seem corny and silly, but people love to be amazed. The smiles and looks on their faces when someone sees something that looks impossible are priceless!

Give it a shot! And send me a video of you doing it to daveryan@kdwb.com


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