What the Heck Happened to Katy Perry??

Katy Perry ROARED (get it?) onto the music scene with that catchy song "I Kissed a Girl" in about 2008. We all loved her and her catchy quirky songs and funny personality. (Even though the song really doesn't play well in 2019)

She was huge and we all loved her music and it was all over the radio and she was unstoppable.

Until she stopped.

Last spring, she put out new music and the industry was whispering that if her new music didn't catch on, she would be done and would become one of those artists that was huge for awhile and then went away. Like 98 Degrees or Colby Calait (and I get that Katy was way bigger than either of those acts, but you get my point.

Her new music didn't catch on even though it was pretty good. Maybe we just didn't want Katy Perry to be successful or relevant again.

But why? We used to love her so much!

I found this article that does a decent job of explaining it. Check it out here.


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