Argument Between Two Pastors' Wives Ends in a Gunshot

I'm not sure this is recommended by the Bible.

Back in May, the wives of two PASTORS at a church in Oak Hill, West Virginia got into an argument at their church.

44-year-old Melinda Toney is married to the pastor of New Life Apostolic Church, Earl Toney. And she's had beef for a while with a woman named Lori Haywood, who's married to New Life's youth pastor, David Haywood.

Well . . . things finally erupted when Melinda got upset over a t-shirt Lori was wearing. They started yelling at each other . . . then Melinda went outside to get her GUN out of her car.

Her husband ran out to intercept her and get the gun away . . . but one shot WAS fired in the process. There were several people in the parking lot at the time, including David and Lori's children . . . but fortunately, no one was hurt.

And after a police investigation, Melinda has been charged with wanton endangerment. 

(Newsweek/Beckley Register-Herald)

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