Something I'm Really Proud Of

Here's a note my boss sent out last week:

Here’s something very noteworthy for one of our top air talents that I wanted to be sure everyone knows. A few weeks ago at “MORNING SHOW BOOTCAMP”, FredJacobs, who is a nationally known and very influential radio strategist, presented the results of a research project that his company,JacobsMedia produced. The study asked other air talent across the country,“Which current radio personalities/shows are the most influential to you?”

The results that were presented at this year’s Bootcamp included names like Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, and yes…our very ownDave Ryan! 

  • Dave Ryan ranked in the Top 5 for talent on Music Stations
  • Dave Ryan ranked 2ndwith Millennials and 2ndwith Gen Xers
  • Dave Ryan was in the Top 5 withbothMen and Womensurveyed!

Congratulations to Dave, this is a big deal and it’s also not surprising! Dave is one of the best and will be a Minnesota Hall of Fame broadcaster one day soon. Please congratulate Dave when you see him.

I'm not even sure how to write about this without it seeming like I'm bragging. And maybe I am a little, but I think more than anything, I'm proud.

I love helping people in radio. I get a lot of satisfaction and even joy when I help someone with their morning show, or I give them an idea for their show. I'm also really proud of the number of people who started on my show who've gone on to do amazing things: Intern John, Lena Svenson, Crisco, Dylan Salisbury and of course Falen. She didn't get her start on my show, but one day Falen is going to be one of the biggest names in the business. Steve is also incredible and Jenny will also be a big name in radio one day.

Sometimes I don't mean to be influential, but it just happens. I was once told my a very wealthy and well-known radio host that he and his producer listen to our show on a daily basis to steal ideas for our show. I was annoyed that he made 10 times more than me while using my stuff, but a part of me was also really flattered.

I think some people go through life with a goal of seeing what they can get from other people for their own betterment. Or putting it more bluntly, they use people. They're happy to take advantage of others as long as it helps them improve their own standing. My mind has just never worked that way. Maybe I've been stupid for thinking this way, but I have spent a lot of my life wanting to help other people look good. So when people in radio say I've influenced them, it makes me really happy, and very proud.

I love radio. I have ever since I was a kid. And if someone had told me when I was 17 that one day my name would be mentioned among the most influential in radio, I would have peed my size 28 K-Mart fake Levis.

So thanks, Radio, for putting my name among all these people, a lot of whom you've heard of.


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