Woman Kidnaps a Car Salesman During Test Drive and Gets into a Police Chase

There's a 32-year-old woman named Kasandra Ayala from Spokane, Washington and she went to a Nissan dealer on Saturday for a test drive.

But somehow, it turned into a KIDNAPPING . . . when Kasandra wouldn't let the car salesman get out. He called the cops, and they wound up in a chase with Kasandra.

She started off driving slowly, but eventually sped up . . . and wound up slamming into three police cars. The cops finally stopped her by intentionally ramming the car.

It's not clear WHY Kasandra decided to turn her test drive into a kidnapping and police chase . . . although she did tell the cops she'd smoked meth earlier that day.

She's facing several charges. (ABC 4 - Spokane)

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