There's a Dirt Road Named After Weird Al Yankovic in Minnesota

There is now a highway named after him in a city in Minnesota. Actually, it's not exactly a highway. It's a road. A DIRT road. And it's not really a city. It's more like a town. A town of 350 people.

But still, if you're ever in Darwin, Minnesota and your shocks are in decent shape, you can take a trip down WEIRD ALLEY.

If you're wondering why Darwin, Minnesota would name a road after Weird Al, then you're OBVIOUSLY not a fan.

Al immortalized the town in his classic 1989 song,"The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota". He never actually names Darwin in the song, but that IS where said ball of twine just happens to reside.

Mayor Josh Johnson says, quote, "We wanted to show appreciation for what he's done for Darwin and the twine ball. We're fans, just like everybody is. His appeal is universal. He's a good artist to be tied to."

(Star Tribune)

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