The MN State Fair Pic That Almost Got Me Kicked Off Instagram

The Minnesota State Fair is known for a number of things include food, rides, animals and things you can only see at the fair like peoples butt cracks. I was on Facebook yesterday and got a memory from seven years ago, a picture I posted on my personal page so I decided to re-post it Instagram and my Facebook on Tuesday and the reaction I got was a bit wild. A majority of people realized it was funny because it was picture of a guys butt crack which is even a square on the popular state fair bingo game boards that people take to the fair but that wasn't the only reaction. Here's a sample of some of the negative comments.

My initial reaction was to laugh and gag. But come on posting this on social media is just mean!
I have now lost all respect for KDWB! So rude and disrespectful! Not funny in the least! You have humiliated that man! I mean damn you are far from perfect yourself so posting shit like this is just nasty of you and shows your character

Here's the picture I posted.

It's a silly picture and that's it! There's no mention of his size because it doesn't matter and to be honest, I knew that this post would get a reaction. Instead of ignoring "bad behavior" (that's what I view me posting this picture as, childish "bad behavior") people now feel that this is their opportunity to 'parent' and make sure their voice is heard. Here's something to consider and this is a theory, if I or someone you don't like does something naughty or risque, especially online don't give them what they're looking for... a reaction. This was a win for me because I got to post a silly picture and when Instagram pulled the post and threatened to delete my account, I was able to take a screenshot and use that.

At the end of the day, I couldn't have hurt anyone who saw the picture because I wasn't making fun of them. If you're also someone who commented that you were upset and got into an argument about the picture, is there something else you could have been doing because you ended up wasting your time and I think that's a lesson all of us should learn, spend time on things that matter and if you see "bad behavior" then ignore it.

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