Alyson Stoner Reuniting with Missy Elliott was the Best Part of the VMAs


If you're anything like me, from the moment Missy Elliott's Video Vanguard Award performance started, I was WAITING for Alyson to appear & I was not dissapointed.

If you're unaware who Alyson Stoner is... honestly, you can just click out of this page. Alyson was the iconic young dancer Missy Elliott put in serveral of her music videos.

You know what, let's just watch the whole music video. It's that good.

Don't forget about Gossip Folks.

I'm Really Hot?? COME ONNNNNN!!

You also might recognize Alyson from the Cheaper by the Dozen movies or the Step Up franchise. Maybe you saw her ICONIC video tribute to Missy she posted on YouTube in 2015.

Basically, Alyson reuniting with Missy Elliott was my whole childhood come full circle and I loved every minute of it. THE ADIDAS TRACKSUIT!! #ded

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