Is This Bride Right To Say That Her Sis-In-Law Ruined Her Wedding?

You can imagine any bride would be upset at being upstaged, but one is downright furious after her brother-in-law and sister-in-law welcomed a baby on her big day, and while that may sound like she’s in the wrong, it really looks like she has a right to be upset with the new parents.

The bride shared on Reddit that after getting engaged she and her fiancé quickly set a June date. Not long after her BIL and SIL announced they were expecting, and the bride insists she was “genuinely excited about the baby.” 

But soon things turned sour. Here's seven things that happened which turned a happy bride into a un-happy one.

  1. About two weeks after the bride set her wedding shower for May, the mommy-to-be picked the same day for her baby shower, and all of the family chose to be with her instead of the bride.
  2. Then, a week before the wedding the SIL announced that she had scheduled her C-section for the day of the wedding, even though the doctors had recommended other dates for the procedure.
  3. The mother-in-law and father-in-law, as well as the groom’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all decided they wanted to be at the hospital instead of the wedding, with family friends also backing out of the wedding.
  4. The SIL did wonder if the bride was upset with her, and when asked the bride went off on her, and kicked her out of the house.
  5. The SIL had the baby and while the bride's husband did eventually visit the child, the bride has yet to do so, which has caused more trouble for the family.
  6. As you can imagine, most folks sided with the bride in this scenario, with many convinced the SIL scheduling the shower for the same day was “intentional,” while others thought scheduling the C-section for the wedding day was just “bizarre.”
  7. Others couldn’t imagine why all those people would choose the baby’s birth over he wedding. “Wedding: lasts only one day - will be over tomorrow. Lots of people, fun and food. Oh, and booze!,” one person noted. “Birth: hanging around for ages until the baby is born. Meet baby for a couple of minutes. Maybe get to hold the baby. Maybe. No expiry date - baby will still be here tomorrow. No fun, no food. Oh, and no booze. I'd take the wedding.”

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