A Woman Has Created an Instagram Account Dedicated to Her Husband’s Messes


A woman in Japan is tired of the messes that her husband leaves around the house so she created an Instagram account.

Her account is called @gomi_sutero, which basically translates to “throw away your trash” in Japanese and she posts images of the things her hubby randomly leaves scattered around, including used tissues, dirty socks. The unnamed wife also makes snarky little captions to the photos, like when he left an empty juice box on the floor sideways in front of a door and she joked, “Is this supposed to be a door stopper?”

The woman says her husband has no idea about the Instagram dedicated to calling him out for his mess, but that he’d probably think it was hilarious. She says she tells him about his sloppy habit every day and she says he’s happy to tidy up when she’s had enough. But we’re happy she snaps the photos before he does so we’re entertained and those of us with messy partners can relate.



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