Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Two Trips to the Fair and Olivia on WCCO

It was a long and busy weekend for me. Here are a few of the most memorable parts. 

Saturday the morning show was at the KDWB booth at the Minnesota State Fair and we met a TON of people and took even more pictures. A surreal moment was when we sent into the booth and people started taking pictures of us. We now know now what it's like to be an animal at the zoo.

Saturday night it was my friend Andee's birthday so we ended up having dinner at the restaurant at the Hewing Hotel. They do have bunny in the menu but I chose to skip that and instead had pork. After dinner we ended up going across the street to have adult drinks and do crafts at Upstairs Circus.


I’m being 100% honest, I’ve driven by it a few times and based on the name I really did think Upstairs Circus was the name of a strip club. 

We had a late night on Saturday and then unthinkable ended up happening on Sunday, Kristy went to the MN State Fair. Kristy has just never been a big fan of the fair, the only food she likes is the Sweet Martha's Cookies but we all went, got some fresh pics and ended up having a good time.

Olivia and Isaac obviously also came along, they went on a few rides, had ice cream and after walking for a few hours we were lucky enough to run into our friend Kate Raddatz from WCCO who ended up using Olivia for a feature that ran during the news on Sunday night.

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