My 24 Hour Trip to Cape Cod to Tape a True Crime Show

As you probably already know I've done Murder Monday Podcast for a little over a year and two weeks ago I was contacted by the website Refinery 29 to be apart of the show they're making about one of the murders I did on the podcast. The case they wanted me to talk about was the murder of Christa Worthington who was a former fashion magazine editor that was murdered in her home Cape Cod home and left for dead with her 2 1/2 year-old daughter. You can hear that episode of my podcast here.

My experience being apart of this TV show was crazy, I left pretty soon after the show on Wednesday jumping on a plane for Boston landing at Logan International Airport around 5pm which was JUST in time for Boston Traffic. I didn't know how long it would take me to ride to the hotel in Cape Cod from the airport but I knew it was trouble as soon as I got in the car and the driver said, "sit back" because it was going to be a two and a half hour ride.

Stayed at the Lighthouse Inn in West Dennis which is an old lighthouse from the 1800's that was converted into a resort and restaurant and when you walk in the front door it feels like you're walking into someones house which is stuck in the 60's or 70's.

Ended up having a great seafood dinner on the beach and walked around looking at all the cool stuff inside the hotel. I didn't actually stay in the main building, my rain room was in one of the cottages on the property.

I ended getting up pretty early on Thursday morning and walked the beach and hung out until it was time to meet the executive producer of the TV show.

After talking with the producer of the show we headed to a the Cape Cod media center where we spent 2 hours taping my interview for the TV show. I really can't share pictures from the shoot but it should be really cool and at 2:30 I was back in the car heading back to Boston to jump on a plane back to Minneapolis.

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