Millennials Share Things Older People Just Don't Understand

It's funny, but I think we forget that millennials aren't 22 year olds anymore. I think they're something like 28- 37 year olds. It might be fashionable to make fun of millennials the way it's fashionable to make fun of Nickelback, but we just don't on our show. I know a lot of great millennials even though I swear I can never spell that word right. My computer is going nuts right now correcting my spelling!

I found this on Buzzfeed. If you are a millennial, maybe you'll relate. If you're not, this will either open your eyes, or make you says, "Oh fer Pete's sake! You youngsters need to stop yer gripin'! Jimminy Christmas!"

Here's the link to the Buzzfeed story.


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