Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Ballet, Birthday Party and a Vikings Game

It's another full weekend for me with one big thing after the other. On Friday our daughter, Olivia had her summer recital which was based on an intense 2 week summer program that she did and it was the best one she's ever been apart of.

My favorite picture from the night has to be the pic of Isaac giving Olivia a hug because that sort of thing just doesn't happen anymore.

Saturday kicked off Isaac's birthday weekend. We had buddies meet us at Life Time Sport Winter Park which is Life Time's soccer facility for a party and they ended up having a blast. The boys ran around, played soccer and other games and thankfully one of the coaches stopped me from making a mistake. They had pizza, cake and snacks about an hour into the party and I said let's have them go out and play afterwards and the coach said, "Are you sure? we usually have them do other activities". I said it would be good for them to go and burn energy and she pointed out that there's a chance one of em would puke. That was enough for me to say, "alright, other activities."

Sunday was Isaac's actual birthday and we did presents and different stuff with him all day. His big gift was a basketball hoop which I didn't realize had so many pieces. I'm posting this blog early on Sunday because his other big gift is that we're taking him to his very first Vikings game tonight.

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