Annual Canoe Trip With Carson: 11 Years of Photos

When Carson was about 8, we got a canoe. My original plan was to one day canoe down the Missouri River in Montana. We started small with overnight trips on the Mississippi and planned on working our way up to The Big Trip.

Well, life doesn't always work out the way you planned it to. Instead of canoeing more each year and taking longer trips, we started taking a day trip on the river each year, then finally just an outing on a lake here in Chanhassen. Last year we didn't get to canoe at all. We no longer have a car that can carry one, and by the time we tried to rent one at Lake Ann, the rental office had closed the week before. That year, we got a picture with our paddles and our life vests but never got to go.

Oh, I have to mention Josie. She's gone along on every trip since 2010 and she loves it.

Here are all the pictures, year by year.










2018 the year we only took a picture. :-(

And 2019, this year's picture.

We hope to keep it up even though he's going to college this fall and is grown up. My daughter Allison and I still do our annual flight after 20 something years, and she's 27!

Thanks for looking at my blog.


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