Harry Styles Might* Be Playing Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid!

Is he or is he not?

We're honestly still confused...

You know Harry Styles - former One Direction memeber - Gucci King - overall babe.

Well, Styles might* just be your new Prince Eric in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid.

We say might because the source is a little confusing. According to Cosmopolitian -

So, earlier this afternoon, a website calledThe DisInsider, which calls itself an "exclusive daily source of Disney news," reported confirmation of the casting news. They also tweeted it out, but their Twitter account is unverified so that definitely raises some eyebrows. Without quoting any legitimate sources, the site wrote, "The DisInsider has been recently informed that Styles has officially signed on to the project."

So obviously people cough* me cough* got a little excited.

But my excitement was short lived because a CBS Interactive employee named Jim Viscardi tweeted, "The hunt for Prince Eric continues, Harry Styles isn’t confirmed….yet."

Thanks for nothing James...

Well, if we know anything it's that the people want Harry! Let's make it happen!!

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