Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Llama Crossing at the Minnesota Zoo

After the madness of traveling out of town last week this weekend was way more relaxed.The highlights for me happened on both Friday and Sunday.After work on Friday I went fishing with Isaac who it amazes me LOVES fishing.Here we are fishing off the dock at Orno Lake in Elk River and it should be no surprise that we didn’t catch a thing.

Saturday was cloudy and rainy, not much got done and while I was working on Murder Monday the nightmare happened, THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!I don’t know why but I lost everything I was working on.

The highlight of our weekend was seeing the llamas at the MN Zoo. The llamas are of course adorable the only annoyance is EVERYONE says “Mama Llama”, you hear it non-stop, walk five feet “mama llama”, take a picture and over your shoulder you hear it, “mama llama”, it’s impossible to avoid but who cares because they’re so freakin cute.

After going to see the llamas we had to stop over to see Olivia the cow at the farm. Olivia was born when my DAUGHTER, Olivia was five years-old and every year since then we've made sure to get a picture of the Olivia's.

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