My North Carolina Vacation: 16 Pictures of Doing Almost NOTHING!

You've probably done it too. Took a vacation where you planned too much and you ended up stressed out with your schedule instead of relaxing and enjoying it.

We did the opposite this past week. We flew to North Carolina to see my daughter Beth and her family. We went to a Yogi Bear camp ground an hour away and other than reading, going to the pool, playing my ukulele and my Nintendo Switch, and a little wood carving, I just sat, which was awesome.

Here's some photos!

Carson didn't really want to go fishing, but like most things we nag our kids to do, they end up being glad they did it. So nag away! :-)

Yes, I'm too old to go on the jump pad, but screw that. I'm not going to be one of those parents who sits on a bench on their phone while the kids have fun. As long as I'm healthy enough to go do it with them, I'm gonna do it! There's even a chapter about it in my book!

This is Carson and his nephew being silly. Carson is shy but he's really good with kids. I told him "You're 18, it's about time you started a family of your own now." LOL!

Carson did gem mining, where you get a bag of sand with gemstones and fossils inside. You rinse the sand away and...

You might get some iron pyrite! Or Fools Gold as they call it.

I also carved a little frog and a chipmunk which Carson painted.

Have you ever roasted Starburst?

On my son-in-law's boat.

And finally, in a house of mirrors. I walked in thinking" this is kid's stuff." But I got lost right away and finally had to have the kids find the way out.

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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