Cops Got Burglar Who Tried Unsuccessfully to Cover Himself in Mud to Hide

Two people broke into a house in Mayetta, Kansas on Friday night. The cops showed up, and they took off.

The cops caught up with 25-year-old Chelsea Ray pretty quickly, but it took them abit longerto hunt down 30-year-old EricFernandez. Because it turns out Eric had a plan to hide . . . he covered himself in MUD and hid in a creek.

But because he was hiding from the cops, and not the Predator in"Predator", the plan didn't work . . . and the cops found him the next afternoon.

And they were kind enough to take a picture of him covered in mud to share with the world.

Both Eric and Chelsea are facing charges for burglary, trespassing, and obstruction. 

(Topeka Capital-Journal

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