Steve-O's Family Adventure to Washington State: Seattle & Whale Watching

If you hate pictures of people traveling then this blog will not be for you. We left Minneapolis on Monday afternoon for Seattle and went non-stop until we came back on Saturday afternoon. We spent the entire first day doing everything Seattle: Museum of Flight, Public Market, Museum of Pop Culture and Space Needle. Each place had cool things to see, we got to see the Apollo 11 capsule, walk onto Air Force One and saw exhibits featuring Kurt Cobain, Prince and Wizard of Oz. A few galleries of really cool pictures are below and I have so many cool pics that I'm going to do a second blog. Here's how our adventure began...

Museum of Flight Gallery

Public market was great. Kristy spent nearly an hour to get into the very first Starbucks and the kids ate the best mac and cheese ever at Beechers. After doing the Museum of Pop Culture we had ice cream and the kids took some awesome photos.

Museum of Pop Culture Gallery

Went whale watching in Anacortes on Wednesday afternoon which was both cold AND amazing. It was 70 and we ended up going north into Canada where we saw a pod of Orcas. Mom, her four year-old and a new gray baby Orca that's between 6-8 weeks old. We spent four hours on the boat and the area is amazing and we learned a lot.

I'm gonna milk this trip and post more from our adventure to Washington State tomorrow because part two will be a lot of the outdoor stuff including hiking and the most amazing view I've ever seen in my entire life.

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