5 Thoughtful AND Cheap Date Ideas

Dating can get pricey so instead of spending a ton of money, here are a few ideas of things that are cheap but still thoughtful!


If you want to spend quality time on a budget, hiking can be a great date idea. You can strap on your favorite hiking boots and head out together for as long as you want.All Trails can be a useful resourceif you're new to hiking and are looking for information about the trails near you!

Game Night

If you and bae want to spend some time together but are on a budget, consider dusting off a board game and giving it a go. Games can be a great way to spend QT because they keep you engaged. And, hey — if you get bored, you can always pull a rom-com type move and swipe the board off the table in favor of some, ahem, other games.

Local Festivals

For a creative date night, research the local festivals happening in your town or neighboring towns. These festivals usually have free or low-cost activities. This is especially true if the festival is creative-based, like an arts fair or a hot air balloon festival.

Picnic In The Park

Set up a sweet picnic for your bae and invite them to meet you after work. You can make this a surprise, too. Pack enough wine and cheese to feed the masses!


When it comes tolow-cost activities, camping can be up there if you do it right. If you already have the equipment, this can be a really fun retreat for you and your sweetheart that is way less expensive than book a hotel for the night. It'll be just you and your boo, under the stars.

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