Dog Days of Summer SUCCESS Story for Hilarie!

Well, I am crying reading this email I received from the director of Ruff Start Rescue. We've been featuring a different dog each weekday that's up for adoption. I know a few have been adopted, but this was definitely a special adoption. From Azure:

Hey Falen, 
This is Hilarie and she was part of the week 1 promo.
This sweet dog has sat in boarding because we couldn't find anyone to Foster her (she can't be with other animals) for months. Literally she sat in boarding for longer than any dog in the past 9.5 years since I've started the rescue. We have been dumbfounded because she is a wonderful dog (just high prey drive) and the staff and volunteers have all been so sad and discouraged because we have not, for the life of us, been able to find her a foster home, OR an adopter. 
This past week a family reached out to us (the ones in the photos below) wanting to ADOPT Hilarie. They had heard about RSR but then they say Hilarie being promoted on the KDWB promotion and fell in love!!! They applied and adopted her immediately after! 
I can't tell you how amazing this is. How excited and happy we all are! This dog deserves a family and a home and we have been trying literally everything. She has so many odds against her (no other animals, a black dog, and a pitbull) and yet she is such a good girl and loves everyone. It has made us literally ill not being able to find her a family home and warm bed to sleep in at night. 
I just want to say THANK YOU from all of us at Ruff Start Rescue and from Hilarie! Because of this promo she's sleeping in a bed, right now, this minute.... And not on a concrete floor in a boarding facility. Thank you!!!!! 


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