Are You Washing Your Face Wrong?

A new survey found over half of Americans don't regularly wash their face. And a lot of people who do aren't doing it right. Here are the five most common things we do wrong . . .

1. Not doing it enough. Most dermatologists say you should wash your face twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

2. Only using water. 53% of people said they usually just use water, which doesn't really do much. Face cleansers are best. But 48% of us have never used one . . . 41% have used regular hand soap instead . . . and 47% have used shampoo or conditioner.

3. Using really hot water. 41% of people use hot water when they wash their face. But lukewarm is better for your skin.

4. Drying your face off by rubbing it with a towel. Towels are fine, but you should pat it dry. Too much rubbing dries your skin out.

5. Not washing your face after you've been sweating. You should wash it immediately after a workout. Otherwise, the sweat and oil seeps into your skin, clogs your pores, and causes breakouts. 

(NY Post)

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