Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 7/26 - 7/28

As you might have heard on the show Friday, Falen was having some major issues with her hemorrhoids. She was supposed to host Mayor Jacob Frey's Fry Throwdown for the Aquatennial and could barely function because of the pain so I filled in for her and it was so fun! So many amazing restaurants and the winning fry dish went to Fulton Taproom!

Saturday I met up with a friend to play some soccer. Felt like I needed to brush up on my skills for the big Steve-o vs Jenny Soccer Showdown happening August 7th. It's a simple pick-up game of soccer, if you're interested sign up here. Well, I decided to play goalie at one point and the first shot my friend took hit the top post, the ball came crashing down on my face, broke my sunglasses, and cut my nose open. I know it doesn't look bad but it was pretty painful.

I hosted a pre party for Cardi B Saturday night. And got to hang out with Amber!

After the pre party I headed to our end of season kickball party.

They have a big flip cup tournament for charity at every party. I usually participate but honestly my swollen schnozz was causing a major headache so I felt like I would have epically failed my team, so I skipped it this time around.

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