Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Last Weekend Trip With Carson

Hello! Thanks for looking at my blog, first of all! I don't think enough blogs or videos actually take the time to say "Thank you" for the time you spend looking, and I appreciate it.

I hope you had a good weekend...It was gorgeous most of Saturday, not so good most of Sunday, so Saturday was the day to be outside!

Carson and I have taken some cool trips during his life. We've gone canoeing down the Mississippi, white-water rafting in Colorado, hiking in New Mexico, snowboarding and more. He leaves for college in one month and we wanted to get one more trip in, just the two of us. That's part of my weekend in five photos...Here we go!

I get up early every morning, but I'm always inside, as you know. Saturday I got up early, grabbed my ukulele and rode my motorcycle to Staring Lake Park and Willow Park in Eden Prairie just to sit and play. No one was around and it was so great and peaceful and relaxing.

I took my girl, Josie, for a walk in Lake Minnewashta Park, and course used my Clipadoo. You can order yours on etsy.com Search: Clipadoo OR at dogfooddirect.com

Carson and I went golfing at Lester Park in Duluth. Neither of us are good but we got off a few good shots, and had a good time just being together. Later that night we saw "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" which is weird, long, without a plot, but really good.

My daughter Allison has always had an artistic streak. She texted me these drawings she made over the weekend. The one in the bottom left looks just like her. :-)

There were SO many people in Duluth! I kinda figured the drive home Sunday would be bad, but I didn't guess it would take 4 and a half hours to drive home, when it's 2 and a half with regular traffic. Someday someone will open a rail line for people from the Cities to go to Duluth for the weekend and they'll be a billionaire! Here we are stuck near Rush City. The good news is Carson drove so I could get some work done. Plus, that extra time gave us a chance to have some good conversation. I found out if Carson could change his name, he'd change it to Marlon. WTF? Okay!

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog!


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