New Bracelet Will Make You Feel 5 Degrees Cooler (or hotter) In Minutes

We are in the future ladies and gentlemen!

The Embr Wave, a heating and cooling bracelet, is designed to make you feel five degrees hotter or colder in just a few minutes. It's now selling at Urban Outfitters and I can't decided whether or not it's worth it. You be the judge..

According toBustle,

The Embr Wave is a heating and cooling bracelet that channels the temperature-sensitive skin on your inner wrist to cool you five degrees hotter or colder when the temperature isn’t just right," the description explains. "An innovation in personalized thermal sensations, this precise, energy-efficient device stimulates thermoreceptors so you feel comfortable in just about any room you find yourself in

Here's the catch... the bracelet retails at $299. Would you buy it?

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