Ten Pictures of My Grandkids

I was very young when I became a father, only 19. It wasn't something I planned but good things came out of it. My daughter Beth is super-cool, funny and loving and she don't take no shit from no one, which she didn't get from me! So I became a grand parent at a pretty young age. It didn't bother me, because my best friend in high school became a grand parent about 5 years before me.

I've seen them dozens of times, but never enough. This summer I figured it was time to fly them up and see us without Beth or her husband. Some of my best memories as a kid were at my grandma's house in Jordan, Montana and I wanted them to experience that before they get too old, and as you know, that happens super fast.

We had a great time, even though it was a pretty short visit. Here are some highlights.

Here they are getting off the plane.

Friday, I took them flying for their first time in a little plane.

We went paddle boarding at Lake Minnewashta.

And Friday night, it was Benihana!

This is Liam and Carson outside Benihana. Carson is pretty shy but Liam isn't so it all worked out well!

After Benihaha, we came home and played Settlers of Catan. Yes, an 8 year old and a 10 year old know how to play it, so you can learn it too! Best board game for interaction EVER. Carson won.

Saturday, while the girls got their nails done...

...We boys played Mousetrap. (Carson was sleeping late, which he's super-good at)

And Saturday we went to MOA and went on the roller coaster. We got in line for the log ride, one of my favorite rides ever, but the line was so long, we had to get out of line after waiting a half hour and being nowhere near the front, cuz I had to run to the BSB pre-party. Thankfully, no one complained,even though we were pretty bummed about it.

Thanks for looking at my blog! Maybe this reminds you of some of your memories at your grandparents'! If so, comment below cuz I'd love to see them!


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