Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Steven Tyler and Simba Kinda Weekend

It was a hot and wild weekend for us. I'll be honest, lots of it was spent getting ready because starting Thursday we don't stop going until August 3rd. (More on that at the bottom)

Went down for Twin Cities Summer Jam on Friday, weather was HOT and Buckcherry is a trash band but no surprise Aerosmith was AWESOME. I've never seen them in concert before and it's unbelievable to me that at 71 year-old Steven Tyler moves on the stage like he does. They have so many hit songs! My god, it's non-stop, one hit after another.

Saturday we went to see the Lion King which had a lot of unique twists from the original movie that I thought were REALLY good. There were even a few spots that made my seven year-old Isaac laugh really hard. (and of course the part where Mufasa dies is super sad)

Saturday night I stayed at home with the kids while Kristy and her Mom went back for Twin Cities Summer Jam to see Tim McGraw and Pitbull. I'll be honest, every single week for the last month there's been something and last week I said I was done and while she talked me into going on Friday there was no way I was going anywhere on Saturday...except bed.

Sunday was spent stressing out because starting this Thursday we're going non-stop! We have a trip to Cross lake planned, our daughter turns 10 on Saturday so we have all that entails and a week from Monday we're going to Seattle for five days. WHY ARE WE DOING IT ALL IN SUCH A SHORT WINDOW?!?!

The good news is it will all be good for my blog.

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