Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Meet My Grandkids

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend! Aside from some rain on Saturday it was a gorgeous weekend, even with the hot weather on Friday. I LOVE hot weather and I will never complain about it! (I complain about cold, but never hot!)

You may have heard me talk about my grandkids. I don't talk about them a lot because they live in North Carolina and I only see them once or twice a year. But now that they're old enough to come visit, I wanted them to come here for a few days. Every kid should get to have the memory of going to their grandparents' house. I hope you did and I hope your kids do, although I recognize it's not something every kid has the privilege to do.

The kids were most of my weekend but there are a few other pics in there too. Here we go!

Friday afternoon, I took the kids up for their first ride in a small airplane. It's funny because Kelsea was a little nervous but she wouldn't admit it. She said her brother was nervous but he was pretty excited to go. At the end of the ride, they both seemed to love it.

After that, we headed right over to Lake Minnewashta to go paddle boarding. Turns out three of us on the board was too much so I mostly held onto the board while they paddled. It was 95 degrees and the lake felt so good!

That's all of us in line for the roller coaster at Nick Universe on Saturday with Allison, Carson and Susan. Busiest day I've ever seen at MOA and the first time in 26 years I've ever had to park across the street by Ikea. I think everyone was inside because of the rain.

Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT! After Nick U, I raced over to the X to host a BSB pre-party. I met a ton of great people who love the Backstreet Boys as much as or more than I do!

After BSB, I came home and the kids and I played a favorite of mine from when I was a kid, "Hands Down." They left Sunday morning so it's back to peace and quiet around here.

Can't wait till the next time they come! I hope you have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog!

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