Marine Mom Throws Out the First Pitch, Then Realizes Her Son's the Catcher

I could see a thousand videos like this, and I'd still watch them . . .

A woman in York, Pennsylvania named Jennifer Miller got invited to throw out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game last week. They were honoring the troops, including her son, Shane, who's been stationed in Okinawa with the Marines for the past two years. So that's why she got to do it.

Then after she threw it, the catcher took off his mask . . . and it was HER SON.

They'd only been able to contact each other about once every couple months for the past two years. So it was a pretty great surprise. 

Jennifer says she'd seen a lot of the surprise homecoming videos online before, and secretly wished it would happen to her. But she STILL didn't expect it.

The best news is Shane's tour is over now, and he's home for good. So they'll be seeing a lot more of each other.

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