The Most Frustrating Product of All Time

Some things are just frustrating. Traffic jams, buffering, technology that doesn't work, the weather.

This is a simple item that seems like it should work right every time. But after purchasing a dozen or more of these in my life, I have come to realize they don't work.

Oh, sure, they work for a few weeks. But then suddenly, inexplicably, they stop working. You pump and push and pump some more and nothing comes out. You fill it with more dish soap and okay WOW! It works for one pump as a tiny dribble of soap lands on the plate you're trying to wash. But then the magic is over. You pump and push and pump and finally you put it down, squirt a massive about of Dawn onto the plate and scrub away with frustration.

Oh you may laugh and say, "First world problems!" but number one, we live in the first world. Number two, I fork out a good solid 4 or 5 bucks for one of these and they should just work. Same way your printer should print something when you click "Print" but sometimes it just doesn't.

I bought one of these for my mom years ago and it never worked right for her. "It's clogged with dried soap, mom," I told her over the phone. "Try taking it apart and rinsing the little hole out."

After a few minutes of fumbling she got back on the phone and said, "It doesn't come apart, David. And it still doesn't work."

Well shit.

And all these years later, with advances in kitchen technology that allow us to air fry potatoes and heat up Hot Pockets in seconds, these still don't work right.

I have no point to this post at all, except to blow off a little steam. I'm done now.

Thanks for reading.

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