Jenny's 4th of July Denver Trip in 8 Pics!

I have quite a few friends that live in Denver so I decided to head out there for the long holiday weekend. I got there on the 4th and we immediately headed to a 4th of July party where I believe there were 8 total dogs. Humans were there too, but the dogs kept me distracted.

Friday we went to brunch at Bacon Social House. It was probably one of the best brunches I've had in a while and someone informed me one is coming to Minneapolis!

After brunch we scootered around the Highlands neighborhood into downtown. Highly recommend exploring a city on scooters if they have them!

We scootered to Milk Market downtown which is very similar to Keg and Case in St Paul.

At night my friends brought me to a dinner party. It was one of the greatest meals I've ever had. It included ceviche, grilled grapefruit & scallops, couscous, grouper, and more!

And Saturday I hiked Stanley Mountain Trail in Idaho Springs with my friend Logan and his corgi Libby. Libby could have beat us to the top by a mile. I was very impressed with what her little legs could do, haha.

Hope you had a great 4th! And if you did Big Island, I hope you didn't land in the ER like I did last year ;)

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