Guy Stabs Bro Because Jail Seemed Better Than 8 Hours in the Car With Him

As long as families have taken road trips, siblings have annoyed the hell out of each other on those road trips. But this takes it to the EXTREME.

A family from Clarksville, Tennessee was visiting Crestview, Florida this weekend. And on Saturday, they were getting ready to pile into the car and drive home. That's a road trip that's roughly 450 miles, so about eight hours with stops.

But before they could go, the family's 13-year-old STABBED his 15-year-old brother in the arm three times with a pocket knife.

Why? He told the cops, quote, "I'd rather be in jail than [spend] eight hours in the car with him."

There's no word on whether he's going to be facing charges. 

(CBS 5 - Nashville)

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