Steve-O's 4th of July Wknd in Seven Pictures (Road Trip to Wisconsin)

Oh wow! I love this time of year but let me be the first to admit that I'm exhausted. It was a long and full holiday weekend for me and the craziness is just now about to begin because as I write this blog post my kids should be pulling into the driveway any minute. Olivia and Isaac have been in New York for the last ten days and instead of flying back like usual this year they drove back! While I prepare for the insanity that's about to sweep our house here's some pictures from the weekend.

Went to the Saint Paul Saints game on Wednesday, weather was perfect and were lucky enough to score great seats along the third base line.

My 4th of July was a little tame this year, Kristy and I spent most of the day packing for the big road trip we were taking. We did start to watch Stranger Things Season 3 which so far is EXCELLENT. I didn't wear anything special for July 4th but as you can see, Kristy did get dressed up for America's birthday.

The highlight of the weekend was our trip to Alpine Valley which is between Chicago and Milwaukee to see the Dave Matthews Band. We were down in the pit the first night and on the hill for the second night and it was awesome. Here's a picture of me at a Walmart in Wisconsin wearing the most Wisconsin thing I could find.

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