My Sons Carson and Chase, 10 Years Later

A month ago, Carson had his grad party, so I was going through a bunch of old pictures of him to display for his party, like all parents do. The usual ones of him riding a bike, Christmas morning, birthdays, Boy Scouts, etc.

I found one of him and his brother Chase taken in 2009 when Carson was only 8 years old. He loved Chase (of course he still does) and you can see in his face how happy he is to be around his big brother.

So when Chase was here for the grad party, we tried to recreate this exact picture. We had the right spot, standing in the garage behind my car. We even found the shovel that was hanging behind Carson and put it in the same spot.

The reproduction wasn't the best, the shadows made it hard to see the shovel, and Carson is closing his eyes in the bright sunlight, but it's still kind of sweet.

...But it's fun to see them 10 years later, both so grown up.

I love my kids!

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