Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: I've Never Seen a Squirrel Like This

Other than the fact that it came to an end, this was an absolutely perfect July 4th weekend. The weather was mostly nice, I got out of town, I smoked some meat, I played ukulele...overall just a GREAT weekend. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

Here's my weekend in 8 pictures! (Normally we do 5, but it was a long weekend, so...)

I see this guy once in awhile in our neighborhood but he's always too far away to take a picture of. Have you ever seen a pure white squirrel?

On the 4th, my daughter Allison came over with her husband. She plays a little ukulele too so we sat out on the deck and played together.

And we played games, including Fitz It, where you try to come up with an item that matches the cards in your hand. Maybe your cards say, "Runs on electricity" "Is usually held in one hand" and "Can improve your appearance". Got it? What would it be?

We made 'Smores. Allison likes her's burnt. I like mine lightly roasted so they're a little brown on the outside and gooey inside. BTW, did you know you can also roast Starburst? Try it next time you're at the cabin or camping! Don't roast them longer than a few seconds; just long enough to make the outside a little crunchy and the inside melty.

Friday we rode to New Ulm and toured the Schell's Brewery. It's so cool and I'd never been. Not the best picture, but this is the tour group getting ready to start. Highly recommend a tour of the brewery. It's short, it's interesting and at the end, you get a good amount of free beer! So much that I actually turned down my free glass because I'd already had enough!

BTW, if you go to New Ulm, you have to eat at Veigel's Kaiserhoff. Great, authentic German food (get the ribs) in a 1930's restaurant that doesn't look like it's been changed much in 90 years. Very cool decor that definitely feels authentically German, old and just COOL!

Riding home Saturday, we passed Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. You can see the yellow building in the background.

I know I have put a picture like this in other posts, but this is Josie and I on a walk. She's my buddy and is always ready for a walk. We're so lucky in Minnesota to have so many walking trails. If you're not out enjoying them, then you are missing out!

Sunday afternoon, I had a flying lesson so I rode the bike down to Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie. I just love summer and the heat and the sun and my smile reflects that.

It was a good weekend.

Thanks for looking at my weekend in 8 pictures. Have a good week!


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