Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: You'll Never Guess What Made My Wife Cry

Our kids are out of town so Kristy and I have taken advantage of the freedom we’ve been given so it's been a busy weekend of home projects, hanging out on the porch and much more. The most memorable party of the weekend happened on Sunday (I'm starting at Z instead of A because it's my blog and I'll do what I want).

On Sunday we went to the Farmers Market, Science Museum and then to see the new movie ‘Yesterday’. The pictures below are from the farmers market where we got flowers right before the storm hit and the second pic is from the Da Vinci/inventors exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

The movie "Yesterday" was good but I would have been okay with them cutting 20 minutes from it. Near the end of the flick the main character goes to see someone...(no spoiler) which is when I look over and my wife is CRYING! I won’t ruin the movie for you but to me it made zero sense! I look at her and I'm thinking, "Are you serious? Crying? THIS COULD AND WILL NEVER HAPPEN....WHY THE TEARS????"

Next two picture are from Friday night. I was in St. Paul for the Jennifer Lopez pre-party and ran into Kate Raddatz (who we caller Kater-tot) and if you're lucky enough to be watching my Insta story, you got to see video of us singing.

After the Jennifer Lopez pre-party when I got back to my car which was parked over by Rice Park, got a cool picture of the F. Scott Fitzgerald statue that's in front of the Landmark Theater.

My weekend also consisted of cutting down a tree at our house and a few more projects. Hope you had a good weekend.

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