2019 Valleyfair Cares Day

Get a day of thrills and give the gift of hope. Join Valleyfair as they partner with the Thielen Foundation for the annual Valleyfair Cares Event, July 15th-28th.

Come out and enjoy a day of fun, excitement, thrills, and laughter while making an impact. For each Valleyfair Cares ticket purchased, Valleyfair will donate $1 to the Thielen Foundation.

Valleyfair Cares Tickets can be purchased TODAY for $36 (plus applicable taxes and fees). They will be valid from July 15h - 28th. Click HERE to purchase them.

The Thielen Foundation is a Minnesota-based, non-profit organization that aims to create programs that serve, educate and inspire individuals so they're equipped and empowered to reach their full potential in life.

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