Ten Things You Can Do to Start Being a Better Person

We know how badly you aspire to be a better person so thanks to Buzzfeed they put together a list of the top things you have to stop doing that will make you a better person. More of em at Buzzfeed but these are the ten best.

  1. Put your feet on the armrest of a plane- No one wants to smell your stinkin' feet!
  2. Stop using your blinker when you change lanes.- We don't want ANY accidents.
  3. Double dipping at parties.- We certainly don't want your germs.
  4. Brag about how much money you have.- If you're not giving it to us, we don't care.
  5. Read a text and not responding for hours.- I can see that you read it.
  6. Walk super slowly on the sidewalk and not letting anyone pass.- We've got things to do and places to be. Keep it movin'.
  7. Talk during the movie in a crowded theater.- SHHHHHHH!!!!
  8. Make fun of someone’s outfit and/or appearance. - That's just plain RUDE!
  9. Tell someone they shouldn't be crying about something that's making them sad.- Those are THEIR feelings, not yours.
  10. Spread your legs and encroaching on someone else’s personal space on the bus/subway.- The good ole manspread...SMH Make these changes, and you'll be back on the “good side!”



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