Murder Monday: The Rogers Family

Growing up on a farm is hard work and in 1989 the Rogers Family of Ohio was able to get a respite from the daily demand of their dairy farm. The family planned on a trip to Florida but due to the demands of the farm, the father, Hal stayed behind while his wife and two daughters headed for Florida. This is the tragic story of the murders of Jo, Michelle and Christie Rogers.

Detectives didn't crack the case for three years. Two things helped make the arrest: a tourist brochure with Oba Chandler's handwriting was found in Rogers' car, and Chandler looked similar to a composite sketch of a suspect wanted in an earlier unsolved assault against a Canadian woman who was raped aboard a boat in Tampa Bay. Authorities took the unusual step of publicizing the handwriting on the tourist brochure, putting it on a billboard to see if anyone recognized it, under the words: "WHO KILLED THE ROGERS FAMILY?" One of Chandler's former neighbors recognized the writing and called authorities.

Oba Chandler was found guilty in 1994 and then in 2011 he was finally executed by the state of Florida. Learn more about murders of Jo, Christie and Michelle Rogers.

Angels and Demons Long but amazing read that goes into great detail about what happened before, the murder and the aftermath.

LA Times Billboards Help Police Get Suspect in Triple Murder

Gainsville Sun Chandler Executed for 1989 Triple Murder

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