17 Years Later and This is Still Happening

They used to film a lot of movies in the Twin Cities. When I first moved here, they'd just filmed "Mighty Ducks." I was an extra in "Little Big League." There was "Grumpy Old Men", "Untamed Heart", "Jingle All the Way" and more.

And in 2001, they filmed "Joe Somebody" with Tim Allen. There was a scene near the end where Tim Allen was getting up in the morning and had the radio on, so they needed a deejay. One of the people who worked on the film was related to someone at KDWB and they asked if I could play the "Minnesota DJ". (that's what they called me in the credits)

Well of course I said yes! They didn't use actual audio from KDWB. Instead, the director called me on the phone and told me what he was looking for. I recorded a few takes until he got the one he liked and I sent it to him.

A few months later the movie came out and there I was! You never see me, but it was still pretty cool to be in the movie! And the movie isn't bad, either!

And all these years later, I still get a tiny check every year or so. Usually they're about 3 dollars but this one is huge! Take a look!

And if you want to see the clip, just fast forward to 1:08:45.

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