Worst Date Wednesday: He Showed Up DRUNK!

Here's what Shawna said happened during her first date this past Monday.

I'm in the middle of a worst date Wednesday Instagram, here’s my story:

I met this guy (C) through friends a few months ago, we had some chemistry, but I was kind of seeing someone at the time. We exchanged Snapchats and hung out in a group a week or so after first meeting. Things got more serious with the guy I was seeing at the time, so I completely cut this guy off, didn’t talk to him at all. Things end with me and the guy I was seeing, and I casually hit C up on Snapchat to catch up. We talked for about 2 weeks and decided to meet up for dinner. Dinner went well, but it wasn’t great so I went home right after. We still talked here and there for a couple weeks saying we’d like to hang out again, which I was open to, I mean dinner wasn’t awful and I’m newly single so why not.

Today we decide that hell come to my place after work and well just hang out, make dinner and watch the basketball game. He get’s to my place around 6, and seems a little off, but not obviously drunk or anything. I also don’t know the guy very well so it’s hard to tell if he that’s just how he is, or if he’s messed up. Things are going well, were talking and laughing and having a good time. He asks me if I want to have a drink, and I said yes thinking we’d have a drink together. NO! He tries to get me to down a cup of Hennessy while I’m drinking a beer!!! At this point, I can kind of tell he’s drunk, but he also smoked weed so maybe that was it?!

I make dinner, we sit down to eat and then it becomes really obvious he’s drunk. He finishes is food, puts his plate down, lays on my couch and instantly passes out. Not like, dozing off cause I’m full passed out, but full on drunk, passed out snoring….at 8:20pm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep in mind, I don’t know this guy at all. I’m in my own house and panicking because it’s awkward AF!!! Do I keep sitting on the couch and pretend I don’t notice he’s passed out? Do I start cleaning up, make a lot of noise and hope wakes up? Do I leave him, go to my room and hope I never see him again?!?! I’ve never been in this situation so I did the most MN passive aggressive thing possible…I dimmed the lights, shut the patio door, left him on the couch and I’m currently locked in my bedroom typing this email, hoping he doesn’t wake up til the wee hours of the night and see himself out!!

All the laughs,

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