Man Is Arrested for Having Relations With a Railing Outside a McDonald's

Going to McDonald's should never be THIS erotic!

The cops in Naples, Florida got a call from a McDonald's earlier this week about something unusual happening.

People reported there was a NAKED GUY outside doing a strange dance . . . and trying to have sex with a railing. (So maybe it was a dance of seduction then?)

When the cops got there, they recognized 63-year-old John Morgan . . . and they say they've had issues with him in the past.

The witnesses told the cops it seemed like he was on drugs, but it's not clear if he was . . . or if the nudity, dancing, and sex with inanimate objects were all sober decisions.

Either way, he was arrested for trespassing.

(ABC 28 - Tampa

(Here's his mugshot.)

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