Listener Joe's Horrible Airbnb Experience in Puerto Rico

You have to hear about my absolutely horrible Airbnb experience.

This was my first time using Airbnb. 

After dealing with our exhausting winter months I decided to go somewhere warm for the entire month of June. I didn’t want to do anything too crazy, but I wanted to go somewhere tropical, and I decided to go to Puerto Rico seeing as how it is still a part of the United State, I wouldn’t need a passport, do any currency exchange, or anything like that.

So the hostess that I rented a room from was the most unhospital, rude person you could ever meet.

First, before my trip we had agreed for her to pick me up from the airport. I messaged her the night before I left just as a reminder that I was coming and she did not answer. I arrived at the airport and she did not show up. She was 2 hours late!! And she didn’t even call me to let me know she was on her way until I had been sitting there for well over an hour and a half.

Her BF picks me up, and I’m like ok, whatever. We get to her town house and she has 2 dogs chained to wall of the living room by their leashes. These dogs were chained to the wall 23 hours and 50 minutes a day. The only time they were not chained up was when a neighbor, not the owner, would take them outside. This was alarming to say the least, and I tried to just roll with it. (After a couple days of staying I eventually started taking care of the dogs)

The very first morning when I woke up I walked out into the living room and I stepped in dog pee! 

I took my socks off right away, I left them on the floor, and then the hostess eventually came out and saw my socks. She asked why my socks were off. I said “because I stepped in your dog’s pee”. She didn’t care or even apologize. She barely acknowledged what I just said. The very next day I went into the kitchen to make a sandwich for lunch. The hostess approached me and said “we have to talk, there was a blood stain in the shower, and I know it was you”.

I was like “excuse me?? It definitely wasn’t me, you must be mistaken. I have no open cuts of any kind, much less have the ability to drip blood onto the floor.” I’m also a guy, so there’s no chance of any menstral discharge, just had to mention. 

But I said “maybe it was someone else as there are other people living here”. The hostess continued to accuse me and get on my case about it, and said the other people said it was me as well.

Let me remind you this was only my 3rd day of me being there (1st day she was 2 hours late, 2nd day I stepped in dog piss, 3rd day I was being accused of leaving blood stains)

I then decided that I was no longer going to stay there. I called Airbnb and told them everything that had gone on: from being picked up 2 hours late, to dogs being chained to the wall, and everything else. Airbnb said that I would be eligible for a refund.

This made the hostess mad!! Oh I didn’t mention, the hostess doesn’t work!! She lives off of Airbnb rentals!!

She got so mad she actually started yelling and she threatened to call the cops, and she did!!!

When I heard her on the phone talking to the police (which was in Spanish and I couldn’t understand a thing) I grabbed my stuff and just left. I figured leaving the situation is the only way that I could prove to anyone and everyone that she was in no physical danger as I’m sure no cop in Puerto Rico would believe a white American male.

So I grabbed my stuff and as I was leaving she said “you can’t leave, I called the cops and I called the security guards at the gate, they will not open the gate to let you leave (the townhome was in a gated community believe if or not).

So I took my stuff, left anyways, and the entire community area was surrounded by a fence with barbed wire. I hopped over not 1, but 2, 8 foot tall fences with barbed wire. I had to do this after lifting my heavy a** bags over the fence, I broke my guitar as I had to throw that over the fence, along with a backpack that held my computer, and I started heading down some god forsaken street.

Luckily, I had gone on a date with a girl the day before and she came and got me, all this happened around midnight. 

As we left the parking lot where she picked me up we saw cops pulling up into the gated community. We got the heck out of there and I got a place at a hotel, where I am currently writing you this email.

Holy f*ck!!!!

These past 3 days have been as you can imagine a total nightmare of a vacation, the first vacation I’ve had in over 3 years, not to mention it was my birthday Saturday (which was the day I arrived) and thought a vacation would be a great way of celebrating.

Anywho, that’s where my story currently stands at 5:40 in the morning as I just can’t sleep after going through all of this. 

And I didn’t mention all the scrapes and bruises I got as I fell several times going down grassy/rocky slopes to find a fence to climb.

Holy bejesus!!!

I saw that your show will be starting to air in an hour, so I though you would like to know what’s going on outside of Minnesota.

No more Puerto Rico for me. And no more Airbnb either!!!! That’s for sure. Can’t wait to get back to my home land!!!

Thanks for letting me share. 


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