The Most Bed Bug Infested Cities in America

Every year, the pest control company Terminix comes out with their annual list of the Top 50 cities for bed bug infestations in the United States. This is based on services rendered in each city of the past year... The Top 25 of 50 to this list are:

1.) Philadelphia, PA

2.) New York, NY

3.) Dallas-Ft Worth, TX

4.) Indianapolis, IN

5.) Cincinatti, OH

6.) Los Angeles, CA

7.) Cleveland, OH

8.) Washington, DC

9.) Chicago, IL

10.) Boston, MA

11.) Columbus, OH

12.) Houston, TX

13.) Baltimore, MD

14.) Atlanta, GA

15.) Detroit, MI

16.) Pittsburgh, PA

17.) Memphis, TN

18.) Nashville, TN

19.) Orlando, FL

20.) Tampa, FL

21.) Louisville, KY

22.) St Louis, MO

23.) Little Rock, Ar

24.) Dayton, OH

25.) Charleston-Huntington, WV

Nothing even in the TOP 50 for Minnesota or Wisconsin. Be proud. I am nervous about ever traveling to anywhere in Ohio... 6 cities in Ohio made the list in 50 total cities in America. That ain't good!

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