Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 5/31 - 6/2

Welcome to June!

Friday 5/31 -

Friday I met friends for happy hour before going home, watching a movie & going to bed. I did not take any photos because I am the worst.

Saturday 6/1 -

I did remember to take photos on Saturday! It was a busy day. It started with hitting up the Edina art fair with my parents. We also crushed some Rojo.

After the art fair I met up with friends and went to LTD brewing in Hopkins where they were having a block party. It was a great time & we drank & ate wayyyyy too much.

Saturday night ended with iHeart's Wango Tango! The Jonas Brother CRUSHHHEDDDD. I don't care what anyone says, Year 3000 still bangs.

Sunday 6/2 -

I went to a pizza farm with Falen. I had never heard of a pizza farm, but it was a great time! We went to Pleasent Grove Pizza farm.

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